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Pearlie White® is the only home grown Singapore oral care brand and the only brand that has oral care manufacturing facilities (ISO 22716: GMP certified) in our country.

We take pride in our strong family heritage dating back to 1869 with the first practitioner of dentistry in Singapore, Dr. Cheong Chun Tin. Today, our family continues the tradition of developing innovative oral care products to satisfy the discerning consumer with Pearlie White®.

The most common questions we get asked are “Why do we want to continue competing in an industry filled with multinational brands several thousand times our size?” and “Why do we continue to manufacture in high-cost Singapore when all other brands have stopped doing so?”

The answer is encapsulated in our country’s national anthem “Majulah Singapore” which means, “Onward Singapore”.

Today, you cannot name a single fully Singapore owned brand that still makes their products in Singapore and that people across the world use every day. But we all use American software, drive Japanese cars, watch Korean dramas/kpop, carry Italian leather goods, wear Spanish fashion, use French cosmetics, drink milk from Australia, eat Thai rice etc and of course China for everything else.

A country is not great unless people across the world interact with it every day. And that is what we are trying achieve with Pearlie White and for our country.

And to achieve that, we focus everything we do on only one stakeholder. And that is you, our customer.

With a promise to find smarter ways for a healthier smile, Pearlie White® offers quality ingredients on the inside and smart packaging on the outside for truly intelligent and innovative oral care products. With over 60 oral care products in the range, Pearlie White® caters to oral care needs as diverse as teeth whitening, tooth sensitivity and gum care. Products include toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouth rinse, floss, interdental brushes, portable dental care products, home use dental tools and denture care products. 

In our pursuit of a healthier smile for all, we've created our own way of doing things. The result? More Intelligent oral care solutions for you. Here's how we do it.

Smarter Way No.1

We do things that our competitors don't.

By constantly challenging ourselves, we keep finding new ways to create smarter products. Take our Sonic Precision Tooth Stain Eraser with Plaque Remover. It combines sonic vibration technology with three different purpose-built heads; one for on tooth stain removal, one for in-between teeth stain removal and one for plaque removal; to blast away tooth stains and tooth decay.
Smarter Way No.2

We put in the good stuff and leave out the bad.

It's not about using the same ingredients that everyone else is; it's about what's better and safer for you. In the case of our Extra Gentle Hypoallergenic Fluoride Toothpaste, we've created a plaque fighting, tooth decay preventing product that contains no sodium lauryl sulphate, no parabens, no PEG/PPG, no titianium dioxide, no harsh abrasives and the list goes on and ends up with an ultra gentle, hypoallergenic toothpaste.
Smarter Way No.3

We stay one step ahead.

R&D is our lifeblood, allowing us to keep discovering smarter ingredients and bring better features to our products. Our Blanc Perfect Professional Whitening Toothpaste dispenses with harsh abrasives and peroxide, instead incorporating an exclusive mix of pearl powder, mannan, sodium bicarbonate and silica to gently but effectively remove tooth stains.
Smarter Way No.4

We are all for fairer prices.

We believe you should only pay for what you get, and that good quality and value should go hand in hand. That's why you'll find that our FlossCare Waxed Mint Floss is rich in features but not in price. We’ve crammed 90 meters of floss into our container versus similarly priced 50 meter offerings from our competitors.
Smarter Way No.5

We keep it compact and practical.

Who doesn't like things handy yet economical? In line with our philosophy, our BreathSpray is slim,compact and aerosol free so you can bring it onto a plane, and also meters out more than 100 breath freshening sprays. Want to take tooth stain removal on the road, check out our ultra portable two in one Travel Twin Plaque & Tooth Stain Remover.
Smarter Way No.6

And Animals are for loving. Not for Testing.

We love animals, which is why we never conduct any form of testing on animals. Except when it comes to hugs.