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Denture Bath
Denture Container With Rinsing Basket


    Our Denture Bath gives you a convenient way to clean your dentures and a hygienic place to store them - all in one neat solution. Made of a durable plastic, the closed container houses your dentures in a clean environment free of dust, insects and contaminants.

    We've also included a built-in rinsing basket that makes it even easier for you to soak and remove your dentures in denture cleansing liquid.


    Closed container prevents dust and insects from contaminating your dentures and provides you with a more hygienic way to store your dentures.
    Internal rinsing basket makes it easier for you to remove your dentures cleanly from the used denture cleansing liquid.
    Made of strong plastic for a more durable container.
    Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.


    Open the denture bath and remove the strainer.
    Fill the denture bath with water and add a DentureClean™ Denture Cleansing Tablet.
    Put the strainer back into the container and place your dentures on top of it.
    Leave your dentures to soak for the specified time.
    Remove your dentures with the strainer and pour away the denture cleansing solution.
    Rinse your dentures thoroughly before use.
    Clean the denture bath and strainer with water after every use.