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Denture Adhesive Cream 40gm


    Here's a smart way to ensure you can bite into your food comfortably - DentureFit™ Denture Adhesive Cream.

    It acts as a comfortable layer of support between your dentures and gums to hold your dentures firmly in place. So they won't move around as you try to bite into that apple.

    What's more, it works quickly and is easy to put on and take off. All the better to start enjoying all the food you've been missing out on.

    It comes in a compact 40gm tube that’s easy to bring along.


    Works quickly to hold dentures firmly in place.
    Fits comfortably to cushion gums and dentures.
    Easy to put on and take off.
    Leaves a fresh minty fragrance and taste.
    Made in Germany.
    Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.



    Start with dentures that have been cleaned thoroughly with DentureClean™ Denture Cleansing Tablets.
    Squeeze short strips of DentureFit™ Denture Adhesive Cream onto your dentures.
    Press your dentures in place and hold firmly for about one minute.
    It may take you a few tries to work out how much cream works best for you. To prevent oozing, apply the cream in a series of dots.
    Try not to apply the cream too near the edges of the dentures.
    To clean off the adhesive, simply remove your dentures and clean with lukewarm water or soak with denture cleansing tablets.
    Make a regular date with your dentist to maintain a proper fit with your dentures.