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Interspace Brush


    Got braces? Find it hard to clean your back molars and those hard-to-reach areas?

    Our Interspace brush is specially designed for precision cleaning around crowns, braces and other orthodontic appliances. Its slim and tapered brush allows you to clean in between tight gaps and spaces, effectively removing tough plaque and food particles caught in between your teeth. The handle has a thumb rest area to help you manoeuvre the brush easily and reach those hard-to-reach areas.


    Access Hard-to-reach Areas
    Specially designed to effectively remove tough plaque and food from spaces in between teeth and gums.
    Precision Cleaning
    Effective in cleaning around crowns, braces, and other orthodontic appliances.
    Slim and Tapered Brush Shape
    Cleans between tight gaps and spaces.
    Thumb rest Area
    For easy holding and manoeuvrability.
    Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.


    Position brush in between gaps of teeth and gums.
    Gently brush out food and plaque in direction away from gum line.
    After use, rinse under water and allow to dry.
    Replace brush when bristles show signs of wear.